Why ‘On the Fly’

I should probably include this in the ‘about’ section of this blog (already happened). I’m not a fly fishing expert. I’m not a fly fishing guide, or someone who makes a living selling fly fishing equipment

I’m just a fly fisherman.

This site is an ode to what I love doing. It was not created to tell you how to tie certain knots or to compare the size of my fish to yours (there are plenty of other places where you can do that). Hopefully, if this site does one thing it will make readers want to fish more.

My fly fishing mentor had many helpful tips, but nothing he did helped me more than give me the opportunity to learn fly fishing for myself

There is plenty of information out there on how to tie knots, how to cast, where to fish, etc. Any seasoned fisherman will tell you that the best knot, lure, rods to use are the ones you discover for yourself that catch the fish.

I can only hope my stories, photos, and videos will encourage readers to go out and fish. Learn what works and continue doing what we love.

That’s what this site it about. Doing what we love.

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