Long-Weekend Roundup (Abridged)

Much happened this weekend. Here’s the skinny:

– Bachelor party weekend. So, yeah. Lots happened.

– A good bit of that time was spent fishing. Hooked several fish I haven’t caught in a while. Unfortunately, no bass this trip.

– Carp people, I finally get it. More to come on that.

– Lots of fishing equals lots of flies lost, worn out, messed up. Time to start tying again.

– Wedding stuff and moving stuff to commence this week. That means plenty to do this week.

– Long weekend at the lake void of internet, cell phone (kinda), and wallet was the recipe for a good time.

So there you have it. Tons to talk about this week. Hopefully I’ll get most content up, but trust me, there’s plenty that you probably don’t want to know (see first topic mentioned).


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