Late Night (Early Morning) Fly Tying

I'll clean it up in the morning. What...the sun's coming up, you say? Aight, I'll clean it up tomorrow night.

There’s not much to report. I’ve just been tying some simple flies. I’m heading back to the river in a few hours (hopefully) and I need some more bluegill ammo. Don’t worry I’ve got my cross-eyed carp assassins, and believe me, I’ll give ’em a shot.

Tonight was just about getting some bugs the sunfish will like and making a mess. Given my irregular sleeping schedule, mentioned in earlier posts, it’s about the only thing that keeps me sane.

I’d like to brag on the flies I tied tonight, but there’s really nothing special about them. I’m a huge fan of the spinner fly (the only fly that’s been destroyed by several catfish before, oddly enough) so I figured you can’t have too many. I’m also gonna try pitching some longer San Juan worms towards the carp tomorrow and see what they think (I bet I already know). Below are a few more pictures. Enjoy!

Spinner. Spinner. Catfish dinner?
Dos Juans y Los Insectos

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