Weekend Round-up: Fisherous.com Edition

If you haven't check out Fisherous.com, do it now!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a weekend round-up. It’s also been a while since I went fishing on a weekend. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve noticed the header on this post is for another websites. You may ask, “well, why would you put that on your blog?”


Fisherous.com is an awesome fishing blog, and you should read it. Fisherous.com has been on the blog roll for a while now, and I’d like everyone to give it a read if they haven’t done so already (You can check out the Q&A with myself, as well).

Also, a few weeks back I sent Fisherous.com a couple of Wulff Blitzer flies, and it looks like they’re doing well on the water.

Cory, at Fisherous.com, sent me this picture of the Wulff Blitzer in action

Well, guys. Don’t worry. My trips to the water this weekend weren’t the greatest. As I may or may not have informed everyone, I’ve been in Alabama for a very very long weekend. Being here has allowed me to chase ‘gills in the backyard creek, and try to coax some deep water bass into biting.

Fortunately, I was successful in doing both, but as usual, I was able to find the sunfish in more abundance than the bass. Still, chasing bass on the fly in december isn’t easy so I was happy to come away with fish, all taken on the fly.

December bass on the fly


  1. Appreciate the shout out and the flies you sent over! I wish the fishing would have been a little better, so I could say I caught 30 on your fly. 😀

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