Freshwater Drum

So, what’s been happening recently? This mild February has allowed me to fish more than I would have originally thought. Last winter was brutal, but this year it seems like spring is coming early.

That’s great, because – let’s be honest – February is the worst month of the year. It just is. Don’t argue with me. Need proof? Okay.

What happens in February? March, April, and May are great because the warm weather has finally arrived and everyone’s in a great mood. June and July are great because kids are excited to be out of school for the summer, and there’s the 4th of July, summer’s Christmas. August is kinda miserable down here because it’s really hot, but…BUT… the college football season is only a few weeks. September and October are fantastic because it’s college football season and it feels great outside. November and December marks the beginning of the Holiday season, so who cares if it’s cold outside. Just eat a lot of food and then take a nap. No one will look down on you for it. January kinda sucks, but for half of the month you’re still on the holiday high.

Then we have February. It’s the shortest month of the year, but it feels like the longest. It sucks. No arguing about it.

Back to fishing…

The bass like the fish skulls on a buck tail streamer, and so do I.

I’ve recently discovered fish skulls. Weighted heads that you can place in front of a buck tail streamer that makes them swim great. I can’t really tell you how excited I am about them. I will say that I haven’t been able to fish them as much as I’d like to, but come the next few weeks they should be getting more of a workout.

As much as the fish skulls present an exciting method of fishing a streamer, can we take a moment and reflect on how awesome Clouser Minnows still are…

*enjoy some muzak while scrolling*

Some people call these guys Tennessee Tarpon
freshwater drum like clousers too
Whole shot of the "Tennessee Tarpon." He was a lot of fun to bring in, but not good for much beyond that.


He didn't necessarily care for the clouser, but he did almost ruin my day when I almost stepped on him and his little brother before they slid into the river

Welcome back.

The fish are biting, and everyone is a little less depressed. There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months. I’ll be returning to the gulf soon, which will be before I hopefully take the trip down the hooch. In the meantime, I’ll be back out on the Cumberland and the creeks fishing for whatever decides to bite.

Signs of spring are everywhere!

Oh, yeah. Regarding that whole “spring cleaning” thing. Can we just wash the boat, get it cranked, and call it spring cleaning? I think so.

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