Who turned on the fish?

Find one, and you find the rest of 'em

I don’t really have much else to say. We ventured out to Percy Priest lake tonight, and somebody turned the fish on. The crappie beat up my woolly buggers so bad that I ran out.

Plenty of other fish were caught too. I caught more bluegill than I could count, and surprisingly a good number of yellow bass too. Here’s a really bad picture of one:

A really bad picture of a yellow bass, or should I say a really CRAPPIE picture? LOLOLOLOL...okay that wasn't very funny.

On an unrelated note…

Can we just stop and acknowledge that this is a picture of a carp wearing a hat, and he's catching a herring? That alone was worth reading this post.

Okay, now continue doing whatever it is that’s probably a better use of your time.

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