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El Guapo doing what it does best

The bass are certainly still biting. Only difference is the summer bite is in full swing, and summer has certainly shown up in full force. The bass bite it getting later and later. For a while there I was hooking decent fish in the late afternoon. Now, the bite doesn’t really start until well after sundown. Fortunately, I’m still hooking fish in 5-10 ft of water and occasionally in less than 5 ft.

The bluegill are still biting, as always. Still, the big boys aren’t readily available. I’d be curious to take another trip down to the Stones River and fish around the bridge pylons and see if they’re still cruising around. I’d also be curious to see if there’s any water down there.

The crappie are gone.



The bite was good this year, and I’m sure with the right tactics there might be a way to get a fly down deep enough to hook a few. Still, let’s just let a good thing be.

Here are some pictures of the recent catch:

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