Building Bamboo

Unfinished Payne #100 (top) Finished Dickerson 7012 (bottom)

I’ve kept this a secret for a while now, with the exception of a few twitter comments. I didn’t really want to say much until I realized I was actually going to go through with it. Well, it has begun. I’m building a bamboo rod.

I’ve been fortunate to mingle with a great community of bamboo rod makers, and bamboo rod fanatics. That has allowed me to sit back and discover what fishing with bamboo is all about. I’ve been able to cast different tapers and really understand what bamboo rods are all about.

I’m not going to do any step-by-step how-to stuff. You can find that anywhere online (what’s already out there is incredibly informative). However, I will be posting a few updates and more in-depth analysis on the building process, along with analysis on the final product.

I’ll also have another follow-up post on how the finished Dickerson fishes. Teaser: it casts like a freakin’ dream!

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