Something Carp Fishing Has Taught Me

It’s difficult to think about fly fishing for carp and not let an overwhelming sense of nihilism creep in. Chances are it already did and that’s how you got here. What switch in a fisherman’s brain trips that pushes them to go after carp? It’s not for the sheer enjoyment of catching fish; otherwise, they’d […]

Holy C*rp!

Well, I tried again. Went down to the river trying to hook a (ear muffs, kids)…C-A-R-P. Don’t get me wrong. I caught plenty of fish today. Still…the damn c*rp eluded me. My woes with c*rp have been well documented. Earlier this summer/late spring I hooked several c*rp unintentionally (one of ’em was at least 250 […]