Late Night Fly Tying & Return to Freshwater

It's well past 1 am so I'm tying flies

Well, I’m back from the gulf.  I’ve actually been back for about 4 days, but who’s really keeping up with those kinda things. The trip was fun, and we were able to squeeze in a good bit of night fishing while down there. Unfortunately, there were so many swimmers and boats in the water all day that the only times we could cast without worrying about accidentally hooking an 8 year old kid and his dad were early in the morning or after dark.

So…we waited until the sun went down before we started fishing.

If you’re interested in what went down those nights then scroll down to previous posts. For now, I’m quite relieved to be back fishing in freshwater and tying flies. There’s been nothing special going on at the fly bench. I started up a Google+ hangout incase anyone wanted to watch me cuss at a hook in a vise, but I’m sure that unless you live in Alaska (I think it’s still Sunday afternoon there) you were probably asleep.

The bass have enjoyed white spinner baits recently so I wanted to see if they would react to a similar (yet much smaller) fly

I was only able to go the other day so I’ll be interested to see if the ongoing heat has slowed things down anymore. I will say that for the time we fished yesterday the fish were fairly inactive. The only players willing to consider biting were the bluegill and even those guys didn’t seem that into it.

At least something felt like biting

My gut is telling me that most fish are deep right now. I’m beginning to think that if I’m going to catch something worth hooking I’m going to have to start targeting carp or freshwater drum. I’m not entirely sure the best way to go about that, but I’m very much eager to learn. I’ve seen them at night bumming around shallow water, not to mention the gar.

Oh, the gar. They seem to be everywhere.

For now I guess I’m just going to keep wetting line and seeing what I can come up with. This heat seems to really be limiting what I’ve been able to catch, but I guess that just means I need to adapt as a fisherman and go after what I know is out there.

I’ll just continuing tying flies and talking to y’all until I figure it out. Maybe by that time the weather will cool off and the bite will pick up.

Boo heat. Hooray fish!

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