Surf Casting (Part Deux)

Here’s some follow up pictures from our last night at the gulf. If you follow me on Google+ then you’ve already seen them.

Deal with it.

Before Drew and I went out we set the Over/Under on number of hardhead catfish hooked at 8 total. Should’ve taken the over. The only difference between the hardheads hooked on the last night versus the previous night was we hooked about 5 more each and they were all about 1.5 lbs bigger than the previous night’s catch.










I did manage to hook two other fish that weren’t hardheads. I’m not sure what they are. Closest guess I can come up with are White Grunts.

Catch one fish get a catfish...FREE! Supplies are unlimited so act whenever you feel like you can stand unhooking another one of these damn hardheads

I’m not going to complain about catching fish. The only problem is if a hardhead doesn’t swallow your hook, it’ll make it plenty difficult to get the hook out. Their heads are so bony (hence the name hardhead) that rarely does the hook just come right out. Drew took out his frustration by punting one back into the water (several Trout fishermen probably just fainted).

We had a good time. Caught some fish, and got elbow deep in some pretty raunchy bait. For now, I’m looking forward to getting the fly rod back out and doing some freshwater fishing.

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