Off the Fly (Sorta): Surf Casting

If you follow me on Twitter, Google+, or any other social medium then you know I’m currently at the Gulf. Also, if you know me then you know that any trip to an body of water larger than a swimming pool (and those too some times) wouldn’t be complete without trying to cast a line.

This post is called ‘Off the Fly’ only because…don’t get mad…I’ve been mixing in my fruitless fly surf casting with some spinning action.

Still there?

I wouldn't blame you if you weren't

Okay, well there’s not much to report right now.  Drew and I (that’s Drew at the top) have been catching hardhead cats like it’s going out of style, and believe me, it’s starting to feel like a Spicegirl’s album is on repeat.

Surf casting on the fly has produced a few bumps here and there, but outside of seaweed and a jellyfish sting I don’t have much to show. We’re going to try a few other spots before we go home tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll hook something other than hardheads.

All night, karamu, fiesta, forever
Fresh frozen smelly squid

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