It’s August and You Want a Post

Well it’s August. I haven’t posted in over a week, and you guys (hi, dad!) deserve a post.

Fishing has been slow recently. I blame it on a mixture of recent heat indices in triple digits along with my newfound night shift sleeping schedule (wake up: 5 pm, fall asleep: 2:30, wake up again: 30 minutes later, then subsequently fall asleep and wake up in 45 min intervals until 8:30 am where I fall asleep until 5 pm).

It’s been a rough past few weeks.

I don’t want to confuse my erratic sleep schedule for me being miserable. Quite the contrary. I love my wife, and I love being awake while she is. But it’s still time to get a regular day-time job.

As far as fishing goes, Drew and I tried taking our wives out catfishing in the boat. Well, the boat didn’t decide to cooperate. The fuel line had a hole in it and so did the boat, which resulted in Drew and I swimming the boat back to the ramp before it sank, a situation that was eerily similar to the pontoon incident earlier this summer. The only difference being we only swam about 50 yards as opposed several miles. Anyway, both situations ended with Drew and I in the water and both of our wives in a boat laughing at us.

It really wouldn’t have mattered much. I haven’t been able to get much to bite. That’s why I’ve been trying my best to go after species that are more apt to biting in warmer water like carp.

Oh, carp…

I’m saving the tangent from entering this post. Short end of a long story is I can’t intentionally catch a carp on a fly rod to save my life. I can hook ’em all day long when I’m going after bass or something else, but when it comes to sight casting (I’m a pretty damn good sight caster too) it’s like they turned into a honeybadger and just don’t care. Sure, they’ll look at the fly, then at me, back to fly. But that carp just doesn’t care and swims away.

I was able to hook a few fish with my brother-in-law, Jack, last weekend

Anyway, my boat has a hole in it, carp suck, and nothing else is biting. I have had mild success on the harpeth river where the water is a few degrees below bath water. I guess I’ll have to continue trying to cast there until the fly bite picks up again.

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