Late Night Fly Tying (Running Thread)

What does it look like to you?

(04/05) I’ve decided to pretty much keep this as a running thread. I don’t feel like dedicating a whole new post every time I tie a fly that I decide to share. I’ll continue updating this thread as something new comes along.

On a more interesting note, the flies tied last week swam a lot better than I expected. The one fly I was particularly pleased with was the Rabbit Ears fly. Honestly, I half way expected it to fall apart (I’m still kind of new at this), but it swam with interesting action. I believe its presentation will be more than adequate to entice a hungry blue gill or even a crappie.

Anyway, enjoy the running thread. I’ll keep all of the older parts down below the updated sections.


(03/31) UPDATE: Another late night, another night of tying some flies. This time I tied some basics, and then took the liberty of getting creative. I apologize for the image quality. These pictures were taken from a cell phone.

There’s not much to tell right now. Thanks to my friends at Cabela’s I’ve been doing a little late night fly tying. This most recent one was inspired by my wonderful fiancee Rachel (aka Ray-Ray).

I’ve already got a woolly-bugger drying, and trust me, there will be many more to come tomorrow night. I’ll update this post when/if anything else interesting comes about. For now, it’s bed time.

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