On the Boat

I’m starting to get more familiar with my surroundings on the waters in Nashville. I can’t say that I’ve had much success on the fly, but then again I haven’t had any daytime fishing since the boat came back from Alabama.

I won’t go into the story about the boat. If you’re curious then  you can read all about it by clicking here. The adventures of the boat’s merger into my Nashville life has been interesting enough in itself. As mentioned in the story, most of this rig is homegrown, and I’m sure that I could devote an entire separate blog to just stories about us using the boat which often leads to interesting adventures like this one:

I feel confident that once I get a better feel for the bodies of water I’m fishing then even night fishing will yield some fish. The fish haven’t exactly been inactive at night, as evidenced by both my roommates catching fish.

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