Replenishing the fly box

A few new guys joined the group this evening

I wasn’t sure if I would get another chance to fish before the weekend, but just in case, I decided to tie a couple of flies this evening. I know I said the late night fly tying post would be a running post, but I’ve already typed out most of this one and I’m ready to publish it. I’m sure both of my readers are very upset.

A few new flies, which I’ve never tied before, joined the box: a scud, a beetle, and a spider (it looks like crap). I think the spider fly is the most unimpressive fly I’ve tied so far, and nothing about it turned out the way I wanted it to. Plus, I didn’t have any good material for the legs so I improvised and give it cankles.

That’s okay. Bluegill are stupid, and I doubt they’ll know the difference between that and just another shiny hook float in the water. Plus, if I present it right it should be able to catch a decent amount. Right?

Heres a nice close up. Dont look at the spider fly. I tried to hide it.

The last two flies to join the box were an olive streamer and something else. I don’t know what to call it. It’s some kind of winged dry fly. I had a really nice mallard flank that I needed to do something with and I decided to tie it to a hook. I’ve got expectations for the streamer, as usual, but the other one is just an aesthetic fly.

Most of these flies will get auditioned this weekend. Hopefully something gets hooked.

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