I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before, but since tonight was a streamer and wooly bugger kind of night at the fly bench/sofa, I thought I’d post something about it. I’ve yet to find a fly that’s more productive in warm water than streamers and buggers, in particular, leeches and clouser minnows. You’ve seen the leeches so here’s a look at the clousers.

Simple & effective

I’ve always been a fan of clouser minnows. I’ve had a lot of success with largemouth bass, spotted bass, and crappie on clouser minnows. It’s a great pattern, very simple and can be fished at different depths (depending on size).

Bob Clouser is the master-mind behind the clouser minnow. I’m not really sure about the story behind the fly (more info), but I’d be willing to bet that not long after the fly became popular several reactions were probably, “Hey I call that a Jerry/Steve/Carl Minnow!” or something like that. I think Bob just beat everyone to it. Good job, Bob.

I’m hoping everything that’s getting tied this week gets auditioned before the weekend. If not then it’s going to happen this coming weekend, even if I have to cast into the pool.

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