Just another post

I just looked over the blog and realized that the most recent post was titled Weekend Roundup, and it’s Friday. Blame it on a lot of things: work, house hunting, wedding plans (take your pick), but I can assure you that my mind hasn’t wandered from wanting to be on the water.

I always plan on trying to make one attempt to get on the water during the weekend. I’m thinking of leaving the boat in the driveway this weekend and wandering around some large creeks and local river banks. One of the most enjoyable types of fishing that is often overlooked is creek fishing. Walking a creek until you come to a deep hole can produce an unexpected amount of sunfish and bluegill.

No matter what, I’m going to give it my best to get on the water or tie some more flies. Hopefully it won’t be another 5 days before another post comes, and hopefully whatever comes next will be more substantial. Here’s hoping to wet a hook this weekend!

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