Random End of the Week Thought

It's been a good reel

I’ve looking for a new reel for a while now. Who am I kidding…a fly fisherman is always looking for/at new gear. I’ve been looking at new rods, reels, etc. But if I can justify needing a new anything it’s going to be a new fly reel.

The Ross reel I’ve been using for the last 5 or 6 years has been great. It has been so reliable I’m seriously considering getting another one. My reel has been with me to Alaska, Florida, and everywhere in between.

The reel was actually back-up to an Orvis Battenkill reel I bought to take with me to Alaska. Let me just say that I understand that Orvis is to fly fishing what Ford is to the automobile, Kleenex is to tissue, and so on and so forth. I also understand that many people have had plenty of success using Orvis…

Okay, to avoid a soapbox rant (also a waste of your time), I’m just going to say that my experience with Orvis hasn’t been pleasant, which is why I was so impressed with the longevity of my Ross reel after it replaced my 3rd crapped out Orvis reel.

The question to ask now is what do I get next?

Ross and G. Loomis make decently priced reels that’s a step above what I’m using. My biggest issue is money. Right now I can’t afford a $30 beginner’s combo, but long-term I’m looking to invest in a reel that’s not too expensive. I would mostly like something with a more advanced adjustable drag system.

Anyone have any advice on what type of reel I should get?


  1. I just picked up last year’s model lamson litespeed on Sierra trading post. Limited time, but pleased so far. Heard nothing but great things about lamson, their design, hardware, and customer service

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