Moving out

Not much going on in my world of fly fishing. I really need to get on or in the water before I leave Nashville. After Thursday I’ll be gone for several weeks for my wedding and honeymoon. Don’t expect to see many of my catches throughout the rest of the month, which means I’m probably going to blog a lot more (except during the last week of June).

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t blog/tweet everything I catch. If that were true then I’ve had a pretty pathetic fishing career. Blogging about fishing seems like a way to vicariously fish without going fishing.

It sucks. I don’t suggest it.

Writing is cathartic, but it never brings the same relief of casting a line. So in the meantime I’ll continue browsing the local fishing shops for gear, order it online at Cabelas, tie some flies, and continue to wish I was fishing.

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