Late Night Fly Tying

Back at the bench after a short hiatus

I’m not sure why I only tie flies at night. It used to be because of the shift I worked. Now, I’m not on any shift. My wife says I focus best at night; so, I’ll go with my night owl characteristics being the reason I only tie at night.

Either way, it really doesn’t make a difference. Tonight I was just focused on getting things setup and putting thread on a hook. Also, we don’t have *cable/dish, and since Rachel works 3rd shift it was either finally get all of my fly gear set up or unpack dishes. I opted for the fly equipment.

not a bad little setup for now...

There are plenty of flies that need to go back into the box. Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m running thin on flies, but tonight I just kinda went with whatever I felt like. I need to tie some more streamers and buggers since I gave a few away (let me know if you want any), but I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead I just felt like messing around with some scuds and spinner flies. I guess I’m just a little burnt out on clousers and buggers for now.

And to play me off tonight, by request from a few readers, is some fly tying ambiance from The Head and the Heart:

* This was a bad weekend to not have cable/dish TV. Holiday weekends always tend to have MythBusters marathons, or weekend long Bigfoot documentaries. Instead, I’m stuck with reruns of the local news.

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