What’s New?

Where I've spent most of my time on the water

So what’s new? Not a whole lot over here. I’ve been laid up in my room for the past few days with a killer ear infection. My ear has been completely closed up over the past few days. It started getting really bad after my last trip to (you guessed it) the river. The doctor only confirmed my suspicions, and as a result I’ve been laying in bed on some serious pain killers and antibiotics. I admit I never knew an ear infection could/would get this bad. Still, one silver lining to this whole thing is it’s just an infection and not a brain eating amoeba.

Until recently I haven’t felt up to even hardly opening my laptop, but today I was feeling semi-normal so I perused the blog. I wouldn’t say it has gotten stale, but certainly parts of it have. I noticed there is a ‘Videos‘ section that hasn’t been updated since the blog started. Incidentally, upon the blogs creation I had originally intended to utilize video a lot more than I have; however, I’ve found it extremely difficult to video anything while fishing by myself. Still, that’s no excuse. You deserve better, and I’m going to give you better. As a result of its neglect, I did find two videos on my phone that I uploaded and posted under the ‘Videos‘ section of me landing two bass last week. Quality is crappy, and I apologize. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of video-ing and bring you some higher quality footage.

Things didn't start out so well

I was able to get some fishing in last Thursday before the ear infection took me out of commission completely. Rachel came with me, and I took on the ambitious task of teaching her to cast. It took a while, and a lot of patience on my part, but she eventually started to get the hang of it. I found I’m not the best teacher when it comes to casting. I think that’s mostly because I have a really hard time describing what I’m doing. There’s no doubt fly casting is much more than “ten-and-two” with the correct posture. I’ve been doing it since I was 16, so casting is as much ingrained in me as driving a car (0 points on my driver’s license thank you very much).

I know Rachel can, and hopefully will, get casting down enough to catch fish. I need to hone my skills as an instructor first though, but I really enjoy her being out on the water with me. Plus, it’d be really nice to have someone help shoot some video too.

Here are some pictures from the past couple of trips out:

Little guys everywhere
Buggin' the top water for bass
Drew was able to hook one on some plastics
Not the same bass photo from the previous post (promise)

That about wraps up the recent goings-on around here. Also, if you’re still reading, I’ve made a couple of other changes to the blog as well. See if you can spot ’em.

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