Late night fly tying

Clouser minnow with marabou trailer

That’s a pretty crappy picture. I guess that’s what happens when you take all of your pictures with a cell phone camera. Pictured above is one of my favorite flies. I’m not going into what it is because if you’ve ever read a post on this blog then you know.

I guess I need to address my short blogging hiatus.

Anyway, so I’m loving the cooler water temperatures. I’m really hoping to get the boat out on the water soon. With water temperatures dropping I’m assuming the crappie are going to pick up real soon. If you’ve never fished for crappie on the fly then make it a point to go. Once you find ’em, you’ll wear yourself out reeling ’em in.

Oh, and FYI: crappie love clouser minnows.

As for my recent outings, there’s not much to report. This is about as good as it has been recently:

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