I’m Back (Again)

It has been several weeks since I’ve wet a line. Between traveling, football games, and traveling to go to football games, it was nice going back out to the river. Of course, I’m on my usual backwards schedule so the only time to get out on the water was after sundown. Drew decided rig a few catfish lines, and I tossed a fly while waiting to see what he could hook.

Using my ever-trusty clouser patterns I was able to hook into some bass. I’ve found a lot of success by shaking my rod tip to give the minnow action. I guess I’ll call it a Shaky Minnow™. I start by raising the rod tip and simultaneously vibrating the rod tip fast to slow while gently pulling in the slack with my left hand. Surprisingly, not every vibration of the rod registers with the fly. It seems to give the minnow a more natural darting motion.

The result:

Anyway, it’s nice to get back to fishing. It’s especially nice since the weather and water has cooled down significantly.

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