Off the fly: One and done kinda night

It’s been a long week. Not much fishing along with not catching much either. Last night I trekked down to the banks of the Cumberland and tossed some spinner baits around. There was so much debris going downstream from the rainstorms that I was snagged early and often.

What really surprised me is that the bass didn’t seem to be striking like I thought they would. I missed plenty because I was unsure if I was getting bumps by fish or tree limbs, but I know several I missed were fish. The one I did haul in didn’t even strike the lure. At first I thought I was hung on a limb, but the closer he got to the bank the more he started to fight.

I’m going to reflect too much on it, though. The weather’s cooling down, and hopefully that means the bass start moving more. Also, I’m ready to get back on a fly rod.

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