Late Night Fly Tying

3 Janet Renos, a Pancho Villa, and a Charlton Heston. Booyah...

It’s time to pack things up and head back to Alabama. My fly box needed replenishing and someone requested a few flies. So, I figured last night would be just as good a night as any to tie up flies.

Charlton Heston Fly

The only thing my fly box has been lacking is the presence of more clousers. I want to be well equipped for if/when I hit the friendly bass waters of Alabama.

I’m also hoping to return to the Hooch where I first encountered several monster carp that ruined my weekend.  I have a few wooly buggers and San Juan worms on deck for those guys. Also, I’ve been seriously considering tying the corn and bread imitators. I’m kinda hate the idea of duping carp into biting a fly. Something about it just doesn’t seem right. Anyway, it’ll be my return to targeting carp since my last run-in on the Harpeth River.

Hitting the home-water this weekend should be fun. Thursday through Monday should provide plenty of time to wet a line somewhere. Won’t lie, I’m becoming more familiar with Tennessee waters, but it’ll be nice to go somewhere I’m familiar with. Also, don’t expect to hear much from me until we get back. Hopefully I’ll have plenty of pictures and stories when I get back. Until then, enjoy a few pictures from yesterday’s outing on the Harpeth River.

Feisty Shell cracker
Long Ear Sunfish hooked on a Bill Murray. I never get tired of looking at these colorful guys.


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