Midmorning Fly Tying

Post-therapy Nick Nolte Fly

Yep. You read the title correctly. I’m on somewhat of a normal sleeping schedule (for now). I was able to get up this morning after sleeping a full 8 hours, and drink a few cups of coffee while tying flies. It felt refreshingly normal.

Outside of tying flies that I haven’t used, there’s not much to report on. This most is more or less just an indication that I haven’t disappeared on my faithful readers.

I do believe I have a bit of bad news. With cold fronts moving in and out about every 3rd or 4th day, I believe the fall bass bite has ended earlier than I’d hoped. I’ve been told water temps haven’t been as cold or fluctuating as much back in Alabama as they have here in Tennessee. I plan on trying out the waters this weekend when I go home for Thanksgiving, but I’m still afraid that the bass fly fishing off-season is rapidly approaching – if not already here.

Maybe it’s time to head east and try out some of the fabled trout streams I’ve been hearing about.

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