Holiday Fly Tying

It’s been a week since Thanksgiving, but things haven’t slowed down. Thanksgiving is just the unofficial starting flag for Christmas, which keeps everyone busy. We’ve been traveling a lot over the past few days, and now that we’re back in Nashville it’s time to catch up on a lot.

mailing flies

Over the break I’ve quite a few requests for flies so now that we’re back I’ve been scrambling to get everything ready to send out finished flies and prepare for the remaining requests that haven’t been fulfilled yet. I’m excited that people are asking for flies. I wouldn’t consider myself a master fly tier, but I’ve been fishing with my own made flies exclusively since last spring and they certainly catch fish. I’ve also really enjoyed just sitting at the bench and tying flies even if I don’t think they’ll get used – I’m not a huge trout fisherman, but I really enjoying tying trout patters.

I guess it’s a good thing my attention has been on tying because the fish sure aren’t biting. A lot of that can be attributed to the weather. Not because it’s cold, but because it won’t make up it’s damn mind weather or not (<-Pun and incorrect spelling intended) it wants to hang around in the low 60s or drop down to the high 20s. I know, seasons are changing. It would just be nice to have a few days of continuity in the weather.

I’ve said it before, but maybe it’s time to start driving east to see if I can find any trout streams.

Well, let's go!

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