Long weekend in the woods

"Oh where, oh where should we go during our long weekend?"

This post is a day or so late, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me. Since we had a long weekend, and our wives went on an all-girls East Tennessee retreat, Drew and I decided we’d go somewhere too. First thought was camping/fishing trip. So we packed our crap into his car and headed up to Kentucky to see what was going on there.

Not much, as it turns out, which was kinda perfect.

Please yield for crossing traffic, unless you're a bison. In that case, just do whatever you want.

Turns out the park we decided to camp in is also home to a bison and elk range. Anytime you throw large wild animals into the mix then I’m down. We spent most of our time marveling at how awesome it was that there was a large animal just hanging out a few feet away from us and not giving a crap what we were doing or why we were there. Honestly, I’m glad they didn’t care. If they did then we might have been in trouble.

We had originally wanted to spend a good majority of our time fishing since we were camping in between two large lakes. We did get some fishing in, but the fact that the temperature hovered around the 30s most of the weekend, and we didn’t have a boat to get around the large lakes meant that we basically just paid the state of Kentucky to let us bring rods and reels.

Nonetheless, we were able to spend the weekend out in the woods which is always a good time. We did run into the park ranger who wanted inform us that the place we had originally selected to set up camp was “not an approved camping area” (C’mon man! Woods is woods!). So we took Deputy Dog’s reprimand and citation and headed for a more remote area. Thanks to Drew’s Rover we were able to get as far into the backwoods and interior of the park as we could.

After sloshing and sliding around the mud trails I’m sure the spot we found was suitable and difficult enough to access that nobody would come looking for us. Also, according to the “Rules and Regulations” Ranger Rick left with us there should have been no issues with Kentucky Park Rangers about our new camp site.

We basically spent a few days not showering and building fires. There wasn’t much to it, but we had a blast. Hopefully next time we take off into the woods for a long weekend it’ll involve more fishing.

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