Mo’ creek fishin’

It was a warm and wet weekend. I made it back to Alabama just in time to get drenched by steady soaking rain. My original hope was to make it to the hooch just to see what the water was like, but just like my last trips back, the weather kept me away.

I was determined to fish anyway. My only option left was to stomp through the backyard creek. So, I decided to go casting in holes that looked like they held any type of depth to them.

The rain was steady and soaking. Not much fell over the course of a few hours, but it held steady. The gills were trying to fill up before the creek levels rose too much. I know this because I forgot how many I caught. Every time I came to a hole the was at least 4 feet deep they were all over my fly.

Dixie Chub? Bluehead Chub? Jury is still out.

It was a good day out, even though I’m going nuts waiting on the bass to move into pre-spawn patterns. Spring is coming, and I’m ready to do a lot more fishing.

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