Monday Afternoon Musings

What do you call an improved Donny Osmond? A David Hasselhoff?


We’re packing up and heading to Florida. Fortunately we’re flying this time (8 hour car ride vs. 1.5 hour flight? Yeah, we’ll fly.) which means my TAS therapy (terminal angler sickness) will begin early in the morning, if we don’t decide we can’t stand it and decide to go fishing once we land. It’s happened before.

While I’m gone there should be plenty to update this blog with. There has been much fishing recently which means this blog should be getting plenty of updates soon (the most updates this blog has seen in a while).

Anyway, I have no idea why I included “musings” in the title of this blog, but honestly, I don’t really feel like changing it. I hope you’ve enjoyed my non-musing musings, and I’ll see you at the gulf.

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