Happy (belated) Anniversary

I just realized that I didn’t commemorate the anniversary of this blog.

One year old – sometime ago in April or March I can’t remember which one. Hooray.

This blog has been an interesting embodiment of my current fishing tales. I don’t use it to give reports (nobody really cares anyway). I don’t use it to give gear reviews (I’m broke and have been using the same two rods I’ve had since I can remember). I don’t do giveaways (really? giveaways?). I don’t use it to entertain (if that’s something you’re looking for then go here). Lastly, it’s not like I’m good at blogging, or have a talent for making everything I do look/sound so much more interesting than it is (I’m the worst at photographing fish).

Okay, so there’s plenty I haven’t done, but what can I say this blog has accomplished? Here’s a list:

  1. successfully used the same 5 running titles for almost every post
  2. posted more pictures of 4″ gills while also forgetting to bring a camera to some of my best days on the water
  3. found a hole in my boat (this has always been a goal of the blog. you don’t think it makes sense? you just don’t “get it” man.)
  4. gain an average readership of about 8 readers per day (I’m sure I could name all of you by name)
  5. accumulate more posts of 50 words or less than posts containing 50 words or more
  6. continue my reign as an irrelevant fishing content provider

Whatever you do, please don’t read into my sarcasm as me getting down on the blog. I quite fancy my blog the way it is, thank you very much. It serves a specific purpose, and as much as other bloggers might not be able to process this idea, it’s not to become famous.

Happy belated birthday blog, and with that said, it’s time to go fishing.

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