I know I brag on my El Guapo pattern a lot, but damn this fly pattern catches fish

We’re finally having a full week in Nashville. We had a blast at the gulf last weekend, but I’m pretty excited that we’re going to be in Tennessee for a full week or two. I’ve only had one night back out on the water since we returned, and the number of bass hooked that night certainly passed my expectations. Night fishing has been very productive, yielding fish like this one:

Another big plus about night fishing is it’s starting to put my catches into the double digits.

Maybe I’ll see another good day at the Caney, or continue to catch the bass that are starting to stalk the shallows at night. Maybe I’ll even return to the Stones River to see if those big blue gills and shell crackers are still hanging out around the bridge. Maybe the Stones River will actually have water in it when I get there. Either way, I’m looking forward to being in town for a while.

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