It’s Been A While


I’ve been fly fishing from a kayak A LOT



It’s been a while.

I think 5 years to be exact.

I thought that leaving Nashville would be a good way for this blog to die. Not because I wanted it to, but because for some reason I thought it would be appropriate.

“Why?” you ask*.  I have no freakin’ clue. I didn’t hate blogging. I also didn’t stop fishing. If you’ve followed any of my social media accounts you’d know better. In my mind, it just made sense to stop writing about what I was doing and just do more of it. That makes sense. Right?

I believe I achieved my goal. I also want to start back writing about it if only just to help me process the things I have and will continue to learn.

Life has changed in many ways since leaving Nashville. Between having our first child and spending more of my time on the Hooch I believe my perspective has shifted.

I can’t promise this will come often, but maybe more frequently than once every 5 years.

*No one is asking this question. I’d be surprised if anyone even reads this post.

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