How Do You Cook Your Catch?


I’m trying to avoid any kind of “how-to” here. There are many ways to do this and while I believe some are better than others many are surprisingly the same. Still, we all have a preference.

Among the many options of cooking fish you can:

  1. Fry (whole or fillets)*
  2. Grill (over charcoal or over ignited unholy canned gas)
  3. Hot Smoked
  4. Cold Smoked
  5. Bake (?)
  6. Broil

You get the picture.

I’ve done 4 out of the 6 mentioned and I have to say that hot smoking is by far my favorite. I haven’t the time nor the talent to cold smoke anything.**

Of all the species I’ve caught and cooked I’d have to rank them as such:

  1. Bluegill/Crappie***
  2. Salmon
  3. Trout
  4. Catfish
  5. Bass

There are several species of fish which I have not tried to clean and cook yet. The one that sticks out most in my mind is Perch. I’ve often heard that Gar is delicious if you have the tools and willpower to prepare them.

Tweet at me or comment below and let me know what your favorite fish is and favorite method is to prepare it!****

    *Fried fish is always first

  **I can’t imagine anything that isn’t Salmon would be worth cold smoking anyway

***They can’t be separated. They’re both delicious and belong in the top spot. Deal with it 

****Even if your favorite method is to catch and release and then go to McDonald’s

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