The Great Thing About Catfish


Okay. I feel as though I was a bit too harsh on our whiskery fishy friends last week.

There are many great qualities about catfish. Mainly they’re absolutely delicious. Fried or grilled I’ll take fresh catfish any day of the week!*

Catfish preacher
“Catfish Preacher”

This brings us to a topic I’d like to discuss/think about more at a later time. That is cleaning and cooking your catch. Catfish make that aspect of fishing extremely rewarding! It’s one of the greatest perks of being an angler.

Not to mention there are many legends who’ve come before us (relatives, friends, preachers?) to perfect their catfish recipes.

We all can only aspire to one day earn the title of “Catfish Preacher”


Pictured Top left: Brother Windsor who catches and cooks catfish from the Tallapoosa River to hold an annual fish fry at a rural church in Chambers County, AL

*But mainly on Friday

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