A New Way to Read Tales from East Yahtam

I’ve debated for a while on what to do with the entries about Alaska. At some point, I don’t have anything else to say.

When reflecting on my trips to Alaska with George Mann I decided to write some blog entries that ultimately ended up being somewhere in the neighborhood of 17,000 words. I published a great deal of them as posts on this site.

There were some stories that felt too repetitious to include in this space, and then there were some that felt too personal. I don’t mind sharing all of the stories, but I wasn’t sure of the most appropriate way of doing it. I didn’t want to take too many liberties, especially with George Mann’s stories, to say anything that wasn’t mine to say. Every detail is as I remember them and therefore anecdotal.

As a result, I decided there was no harm or foul to self-publish the entirety of what I originally wrote. If you want to read everything available on the site I created what I deemed a “roadmap” a while back.

I intend to continue writing about my own fly fishing stories as they come to me in this space, but I do feel my Alaska tales are complete.

Thanks for reading what I’ve put out so far, and for anyone curious about more information on George Mann from Opelika, Alabama you can find great resources at the Mann Museum at the Montgomery Zoo and his page on the Alabama Sports Hall-of-Fame.

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