A Roadmap for East Yahtam

It’s come to my attention that all of the posts pertaining to Tales from East Yahtam are untitled and fairly incoherent as far as any narrative or story arch is concerned. In short, I just started telling random stories as a photograph or memory would prompt me to and I understand how any new — or frequent — reader might not really get what’s going on.

In response I’ve decided to put together a bit of an outline. I’m not sure it’d  create a better flow, but at least it would provide some loose road map with which to navigate in between and through the stories.

I’m not entirely sure how many more I can come up with. I know I still have at least one or two more in the hopper, but beyond that the posts may venture away from Alaska and focus more on just fishing in general. I can promise you they’ll still be stories, and not how-to’s, gear reviews, or anything similar to those types of resources. Don’t ask me how to fish because I’ve got nothing to tell you that’d be useful. I’m still hoping to continue to post, but the format may continue to shift as my stories begin to run out.

Anyway, here’s a hastily formed outline of the stories posted so far:

Thanks for reading.

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