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Coming down the trail down to the water was one of the most surreal fishing experiences I’ve ever been a part of. Once we reached the water Dad and I walked upstream to cross over the pool so that my brother-in-law, Dale, and George could fish the bank we walked in on. As we set up across the way, my father walked out from the tree line to give himself casting room. Dale had made his way further upstream, and downstream from us was George sitting Indian-style on the riverbank fighting the first fish of the day. It was like watching the sensei in full lotus position. Watch him any longer and you got the feeling he might begin to levitate.

Without warning, something big fell into the river right in front of him causing a loud splash. We then heard a loud WHOOSHing sound overhead. A bald eagle lifted up out of the trees right above us. It felt like it was right on top of our heads. Upon its departure, the eagle dropped half of an eaten fish into the river. Had it been a few inches back towards the bank it would’ve landed right on top of my father’s head.   

The old saying, “find the birds find the fish,” immediately popped into my head, and there was no doubt that we had found the fish. Now it was time to start catching them.

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