Late Night Fly Tying

A variant on the San Juan Worm...El Guapo.

I’ve been fishing San Juan Worms (SWJs) quite a bit recently. I know purists hate them. They don’t think they’re real flies.

Whatever. I’m just trying to catch fish.

This is a fish. This fish was caught using a San Juan Worm.

Over the past two days I’ve caught countless sunfish, bass, and a catfish on this SWJ pattern. I’ve even hooked a few trout. That shows you that this pattern just works. SWJs are definitely attractor patterns, which had me wondering if there wasn’t some tinkering that could be done to improve it.

I’ve come up with a few ideas (see first photo) and look forward to trying them out. I have no basis for why I think they’ll work outside of two little red legs swaying with the current might coax something into biting. I’m sure there will be plenty more variants of the El Guapo (a plethora, maybe?) to come.

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