Where have I been?

I’ve been everywhere, and in the most non-interesting ways pertaining to fishing. Still, a lot is happening, and I might have some big news not relating to fishing at the end of the week. Okay, no might. I’ll definitely have some big news not related to fishing at the end of the week. For now, […]


I have to admit that after staring at those beautiful blanks, and then coming to the realization that they still needed to be cut to size and sanded for ferrule fitting, I became a little intimidated. The process itself was a little nerve-racking. Matching the taper on the butt and tip section, cutting to size, […]


We’re finally having a full week in Nashville. We had a blast at the gulf last weekend, but I’m pretty excited that we’re going to be in Tennessee for a full week or two. I’ve only had one night back out on the water since we returned, and the number of bass hooked that night […]